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Here’s a blog piece sure to earn me a spot on some shit lists. Probably just should have kept my mouth shut. I did for a long time. Why today? Must be the heat…

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Linden Lab Announces New CEO

Breaking News!

On Wednesday, LL named Ebbe Altberg as its new CEO.

my Tweet from Wednesday:
“Linden Lab announces new policy: No more alts, only altbergs.”

Meanwhile, Ziki Questi tweeted to Ebbe Altberg that his avatar name should be:

Alt Linden.

He didn’t get it but Ziki is absolutely correct!

UPDATE: Thursday, Feb. 6 – Inara Pey has added a profile of Ebbe Altberg on her blog. She calls it “A Short Profile” but it is the most extensive article on his background I have seen thus far.

Some analysis and commentary, including my own…

Honour McMillan – Dear Mr. Altberg, Welcome to Second Life

Ciaran Laval – Ebbe Altberg: What We’ve Learned So Far

Danko Whitfield – The New Guy

The new CEO has been very active in tweeting with the SL Community – Ebbe Altberg on Twitter


Here’s some of the coverage of Wednesday’s announcement…

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Talking with SecondLie

EXCLUSIVE!!! – SecondLie in his final interview!!!

Danko: What’s your opinion of InWorldz, OSgrid, Kitely, etc?

SecondLie: If I’m going to waste my time on something as sordid and worthless as virtual worlds, I’m going to insist on paying too much for it! Second Life all the way!

from Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse

Leaving the UCCSL

In October, I joined the United Content Creators of Second Life as they organized a protest of Linden Lab’s terms of service changes on the issue of intellectual property rights.

Over the past couple of months, the group has been completely reorganized and its mission modified. This has caused me to reconsider my membership.

Since I told you here that I had joined the group, it seemed appropriate to mention that I am leaving it.

I still support the rights of content creators, a change in the TOS, and the concept of LL communicating with its users.

I will continue to follow and write about these issues.

Double Or Nothing

So now we can make purchases that have the Export Perm and take our items from one virtual world to another.

Of course, there’s a fee for that.

How much should a seller charge a customer for that right?

“…Just because you’re granting them the right to go anyhere in the free Metaverse with their purchase doesn’t mean they’re going to go everywhere with it….”

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