If Not For You

If it weren’t for Second Life, I’d never have…fill in your blanks. On Twitter.

#BecauseofSecondLife is a new Twitter #hashtag to spread the word about this virtual world. Here’s the story behind the story, from my perspective anyway…

on Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse

sings: Oh, give me a home…

“One of the most enjoyable periods of my virtual existence was when The Steamlands were thriving in Second Life. At one point, I had six offices, three pubs and five homes scattered about Winterfell, Caledon, New Babbage, Austral, New Toulouse and Steelhead. I was thinking of those days the other night when I rented a region on Craft World.”

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Alastair Whybrow

And old friend and neighbor from Caledon passed away a few days ago.

A remembrance of Mr. Whybrow appeared on my blogs, Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse…


…and The Further Adventures Of Danko Whitfield, Semi-Retired Time Traveller…




Double Or Nothing

So now we can make purchases that have the Export Perm and take our items from one virtual world to another.

Of course, there’s a fee for that.

How much should a seller charge a customer for that right?

“…Just because you’re granting them the right to go anyhere in the free Metaverse with their purchase doesn’t mean they’re going to go everywhere with it….”

from Journey To The Center Of the Metaverse


InWorldz/Second Life Connection Centers to stay open

My Typist (he insists on the capitalization) has a new column on Hypergrid Business called Gridhopping with George Miner. This is the first installment…

InWorldz/Second Life Connection Centers to stay open

from Hypergrid Business