Baby Steps

On Tuesday, Philip Rosedale’s new venture, High Fidelity, went live to the masses.

On Wednesday, I logged in for the first time.

Beware of noob!

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Kitely Opens to Hypergrid

I had fun making my first hyperjumps in and out of Kitely on Sunday and I’ve already had visitors from other grids in my Kitely worlds. 

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I opened a new world on Kitely over the weekend…meanwhile, my “old” world on Kitely has a new name.

Aquaetas has been on Kitely since November 2012. It was formerly known as Evergreen.

pronounced: ah – QWAY – tus

from Latin,

aqua: water

aetas: age, stage, period of life, time, era

Recent and upcoming Devokan storylines have led to the name change. The world itself has not changed, just the name.

It is open to all.

Aquaetas (formerly Evergreen) on Kitely

Aquaetas (formerly Evergreen) on Kitely