If Not For You

If it weren’t for Second Life, I’d never have…fill in your blanks. On Twitter.

#BecauseofSecondLife is a new Twitter #hashtag to spread the word about this virtual world. Here’s the story behind the story, from my perspective anyway…

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All Systems Go!

My computer difficulties are over – until the next thing happens! – and I’m ready to get back to whatever the heck I was doing when things suddenly came to a screeching halt. Ready from a tech standpoint, that is. But my mind and heart and soul are not ready. Not yet.

Time for some serious chill.

Gimme a couple days, I’ll be back.



Please Stand By…

Unfortunately, computer issues have hit me again. Dankoville has been offline for several days as efforts to resolve the trouble have been going on.

All of my other virtual world projects and related writing projects are on hold until we get things fixed. I’m working on my backup machine in the meantime but my virtual activities are limited.

On Thursday, I’ll be testing one last possible fix. If that one fails, I’ll have to send it out to the fix-it shop.

Of course, my Kitely regions are online as is the Storytellers Pub in Winterfell Laudanum on SL, where you will find me throwing them back and swearing off technology forever.

My Post-Facebook Era Post

The title of my latest post really does say it all —

Facebook Sucks. And They Don’t Want Avatars. So Why Do You Want To Be There? Boycott Facebook! Or Just Quit!

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My All-New (But Not Improved) Facebook Page

Earlier today I converted my personal Facebook account to a so-called Page to comply with their TOS. I’m not thrilled about that but then I’m not thrilled about Facebook anyway.

I don’t understand what they have against me just because I’m not “real.”

Facebook isn’t real but I’ve never held that against them.

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