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“One of the most enjoyable periods of my virtual existence was when The Steamlands were thriving in Second Life. At one point, I had six offices, three pubs and five homes scattered about Winterfell, Caledon, New Babbage, Austral, New Toulouse and Steelhead. I was thinking of those days the other night when I rented a region on Craft World.”

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My Worlds

My typist has banged out another of his behind-the-scenes articles about being me. In this one he seems to be trying to organize my life or my world or something along those lines. I may read it later.

“Welcome To My Worlds”

from My Virtual Blog


My Virtual Blog

Man, I don’t even know where to begin.

Dankoville went online in September of 2013. It was a complete surprise to me that I could run my own virtual world on my PC. It was great, I was having a ball.

In October, the PC broke. It was in the middle of some very busy and difficult RL times. The laptop, a Mac, was pressed into service. But I couldn’t run Dankoville on it. Or Sim-on-a-Stick. Everything was put on hold. Getting the PC sorted was one of those, “after the holidays” things.

In late January, the new PC arrived. Dankoville was back and virtual life was good.

By April, I realized that I was going to have to figure out some other way to upgrade to OpenSim 0.8 because the system I was using to run 0.7.5, New World Studio, was apparently never going to be updated again.


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A Baseball Story

Here’s a link to my entry in the Opening Day Stories Project, sponsored by the Dankoville Story Group.

Up until now, all of my stories of the past five years have appeared under my name. But I was in all of those stories, I’m not in this one. So I thought I’d bow out and let my ghostwriter get some credit for a change. This one is written in his name.

Take it away, George…

You can visit the scene of this story, here… Dankoville HG address

Introducing Earland Brewer

I’ve been creating new characters for some of my stories these past few weeks. Normally this is in the form of a series of notes and some quotes and sometimes a scene with the new character in convo. Once in awhile, just for kicks and to mix it up, I use some other writing trick the first time I write something about them. Today, I let one of the characters introduce himself to me.

And inspired by +Oshi Shikigami‘s recent sharing of her process in making a painting, instead of just filing this character intro with my notes, I decided to share it and publish it on the Dankoville Stories blog…

…more whining about how Facebook really sucks…

posted today on my week-old Facebook “Page”…

so far i find this Facebook “Page” thing to be quite useless and more annoying than the regular FB account. I would strongly advise against switching to a Page. I’m seriously thinking of shutting this page down and saying to hell with FB. Twice in the last 48 hours I have stopped myself from doing so for no reason other than a “why don’t you see how it goes for awhile” attitude.

the number one problem with a Page is – afaik – there is no Search Box. i can’t find other people or pages by searching within FB. i have to go to an outside source like Google. What sense does that make?

It makes no sense to me to the point where I’m assuming I must be wrong about this. Why would they make it this stupid? There has to be a way to Search!

FB really, really, really sucks

I do remember life before FB,. it did not suck as much.

updated later in the day…my final FB post…

turns out switching to a Facebook Page makes no difference as to compliance with FB’s TOS. having two accounts – two different email addresses as your username(s) is a no-no. it’s not about Profiles vs Pages. it’s about having one account. okay then, i’m outta here. See you on Google+

My Blogging Journey

Strawberry Singh’s Meme this week is a follow up to one she did a year ago. I took part in that one, it was called the Why Do I Blog? Meme, so I thought I would take part in this one too.

The new one is called “My Blogging Journey” Meme and my answers appear on my virtual issues blog, Journey To the Center Of The Metaverse…