The Dreaming Tree

No longer am I alone in telling stories from Dankoville.

An unexpected and wonderful thing has happened on my grid. A friend, virtual world enthusiast and fellow writer whom I regularly talk writing with and have RP’d with, has created an avatar in my little world and started a whole new story. And therefore, become part of my story as well.

My friend is Jamie Wright, who among other things is the leader and host for a long-running and vibrant Harry Potter-inspired roleplay group on the Metropolis grid in the Augurey Peak regions.

Now Jamie has set up shop in Dankoville. Literally. She has brought her writing (and building) talent to town in the form of Audrey Moore, the new owner of The Dreaming Tree book store.

Audrey’s story starts here…

The Dreaming Tree: The Story of Audrey Moore


Dankoville HG address:

News of the Virtual World

I’m not sure I know why but I have started a page.

It’s called News of the Virtual World. The description says: news, commentary, features, tips.

I tried a couple years ago and thought it was cute and all but I didn’t really have a use for it at the time. I was working on my blogs on Monday and reading other virtual world blogs and sites and I bumped into a couple of pages and thought I’d give it another try.

I’d be interested in hearing from readers, do you regularly read or follow pages?

Danko On The Web

Today I updated the page, Danko On The Web. It appears on all of my blog sites and now the page is identical on each site.

It includes the following statement about this site, the one you are on right now, “If you are interested in more than one of my blogs, this would be a good place to hit the Follow button as I post links to all my latest articles on all of my blogs here.”

Yes, you can click on the navigation bar above to read what follows but to bring attention to the update I have reprinted the page below.

I have four blogs on virtual worlds (a fifth is coming soon!). Here is your tour guide of my little publishing empire with links to my social networks at the bottom.

Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse

“One avatar’s battle with the reality of the virtual landscape.” This is my most popular blog in terms of most readers, views, hits, however you wish to measure it. Here I write analysis, commentary/opinion on the virtual issues of the day, often with my own experiences as an example. Occasionally I “break” a story though that is not my mission here. There are also features on people, places, things I bump into around the Metaverse that I think readers might find interesting.

Steaming Along: Danko Whitfield In The 19th Century

“The wanderings of a Steampunk Explorer.” This is my longest-running virtual world blog, started in May of 2010. It is my RP blog and follows my avatar’s story as a writer, explorer, diplomat, musician, pub owner and semi-retired time traveller. Because of the time travel aspect, not all of the stories take place in the 19th century. (Please note, the URL for this blog changed in late May 2013.)

Danko’s Journal

“A virtual explorer’s personal notebook.” This is the “blog behind the blogs.” It gives some details of my virtual travels so that others can use the information to make their own trip or simply live vicariously. Often you will see that what I refer to here ends up as an RP story on Steaming Along or an article or commentary on Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse. Also, sidebars or backgrounders to pieces on the other blogs will turn up here.

Danko Whitfield

“Writer, Explorer of Virtual Worlds.” I guess this is my homepage. I refer to it sometimes as “Danko Central.” It used to be the address that housed Steaming Along when I had just the one blog, before I diversified. If you are interested in more than one of my blogs, this would be a good place to hit the Follow button as I post links to all my latest articles on all of my blogs here. I do put some original material here as well. Usually it’s stuff that I don’t think “fits” anywhere else. 🙂 In addition to Steaming Along, I also do some RP writing that is posted on The Devokan Trust and Kitely forums. I put links to those pieces here as well. This site is still under re-construction so it will probably evolve as time goes on.

Coming soon!

Yeah, there’s going to be a fifth blog on virtual worlds. Stay tuned.

Other online activities…

I’m a member of the discussion forum, Opensim City

I’m on Google+ I take part in the discussion community called Opensim Virtual.

Please follow me on Twitter  @DankoWhitfield

Please friend me on Facebook!/danko.whitfield

Photos from my virtual travels are on my Flickr page

Danko Inc.

Just a tad busy today, here in the virtual editorial offices of Danko Enterprises. 24 hours ago I had two blogs. Now I have four. And one of the new ones – this one – isn’t only a blog it’s also a website.

I had been thinking for several months about starting a third blog and a few days ago made the decision to do so. Yesterday I established that blog and called it Danko’s Journal.

I had also been thinking – for an even longer time – about turning this spot on the web into my home base, a gateway to my various writing projects about virtual worlds.

Yesterday as I was establishing Danko’s Journal, things seemed to fall into place and I went ahead and made the move for this address as well. That meant moving Steaming Along: Danko Whitfield In The 19th Century elsewhere, so I did. A lot of thought went into that move as it is never a good thing to move a blog’s address but sometimes it’s the right thing.

As you may have noticed, I have plastered this news all over my blogs today in an effort to get the word out.

Now, the real work begins. While I will continue to write RP stories for Steaming Along and comment and analyze the news and issues of virtual worlds on Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse, getting Danko’s Journal off and running and developing this site (for the moment it’s just called Danko Whitfield) is the hard part. I know what I’m going to do with each of these new blank canvases and I’ve explained it a little in my announcements but the only thing that really shows the reader what it’s about is the actual product. Bear with me for a few weeks and I think you will definitely see the new places take shape while the ongoing ones keep on going!

There is still some tinkering to do with Steaming Along as old links to it and within it are now broken. I have already started the process of fixing all that. I also have to go inworld – ALL of my many worlds – to update my profiles with the new web addresses. That will take some time! And I’ve already decided to make one editorial change with the new blog, Danko’s Journal. That blog will be my Explorer’s Log a la Kirk’s Captain’s Log and will have details and info related to my virtual travels, as I had intended. But instead of also posting my articles about writing and blogging there in a Writer’s Journal category, as I had planned, I’ve decided to post them here instead.

As I have just done.