…more whining about how Facebook really sucks…

posted today on my week-old Facebook “Page”…

so far i find this Facebook “Page” thing to be quite useless and more annoying than the regular FB account. I would strongly advise against switching to a Page. I’m seriously thinking of shutting this page down and saying to hell with FB. Twice in the last 48 hours I have stopped myself from doing so for no reason other than a “why don’t you see how it goes for awhile” attitude.

the number one problem with a Page is – afaik – there is no Search Box. i can’t find other people or pages by searching within FB. i have to go to an outside source like Google. What sense does that make?

It makes no sense to me to the point where I’m assuming I must be wrong about this. Why would they make it this stupid? There has to be a way to Search!

FB really, really, really sucks

I do remember life before FB,. it did not suck as much.

updated later in the day…my final FB post…

turns out switching to a Facebook Page makes no difference as to compliance with FB’s TOS. having two accounts – two different email addresses as your username(s) is a no-no. it’s not about Profiles vs Pages. it’s about having one account. okay then, i’m outta here. See you on Google+

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