InWorldz/Second Life Connection Centers to stay open

My Typist (he insists on the capitalization) has a new column on Hypergrid Business called Gridhopping with George Miner. This is the first installment…

InWorldz/Second Life Connection Centers to stay open

from Hypergrid Business

UCCSL Sets Deadline for LL, Then: “assertive action”

Group notice received today in Second Life…

Group Notice From: United Content Creators of SL, Kylie Sabra

Good day, Members:

We are taking a break during the month of December. Business slow down and so should we. I encourage you to enjoy this holiday season.  Continue to spread the word about the UCCSL. We will be back to being the proverbial thorn in Linden Lab’s side at the first of the year. Failing an acceptable revision by end of February, we begin assertive actions. Five months is more than enough for Linden Lab to have worked out a resolution to address our concerns.


“Everything you know is wrong!”

The Firesign Theatre had a line, “Everything you know is wrong!”

Sometimes I want to apply that to other people when I hear them talking about Kitely.

Here’s one of those things that you’ve heard over and over about Kitely that turns out not to be true. Even though “everybody” says it.

Sometimes “everybody” is wrong.

“Kitely Now Known For Its Community”

from my virtual issues blog, Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse

Dankoville Update

My personal mini-grid, Dankoville, was running great for over a month but I had to shut it down when my PC got sick. I’m on a laptop in the interim but I can’t run Dankoville on it. Progress on getting the PC fixed was hampered by a busy RL but there is now a light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s an update I posted on Google+ today in the Opensim Virtual community… 

Dankoville is still offline due to computer maintenance. However, progress is being made and we expect to be back 24/7 in December if not sooner. If it weren’t for the Thanksgiving holiday, it would definitely be sooner.

The first day or two that Dankoville is back online it may be closed to HG as I’m going to do some testing to see if I can safely expand the mini-grid to almost double it’s current size of 17 regions.

The computer trouble is unrelated to running Dankoville. The 17 regions were running without any trouble whatsoever, so even though I don’t actually ‘need’ to have 30 to 35 regions, if I can run that many without lag or other problems, what the heck, why not? 🙂

I’m using this world to create the scenes and feel of my stories and characters and it has worked great for story so far. With additional regions, I will add to the current themes and scenes and will introduce a new theme as well. The time travel aspect of my story causes me to want a grid with themes of different time periods. And I have come up with ways of doing so that lets them co-exist without having to put each theme on its own island. So I have a Mainland, which I like. I also have a story hook that I’m going to use in my writing and build inworld that will even allow all of the different themes to come together in the main story.

So I’m very excited about all of this and how it has all worked out and with additional regions, I can flesh it out a bit more and add the new theme as well. But, if doubling the grid doesn’t work out, np, I can live with that. Seems I could at least add 3 to 5 regions and get the new theme in there anyway. Whatever…

I’m already way beyond anything I ever expected with this project!