Linden Lab Announces New CEO

Breaking News!

On Wednesday, LL named Ebbe Altberg as its new CEO.

my Tweet from Wednesday:
“Linden Lab announces new policy: No more alts, only altbergs.”

Meanwhile, Ziki Questi tweeted to Ebbe Altberg that his avatar name should be:

Alt Linden.

He didn’t get it but Ziki is absolutely correct!

UPDATE: Thursday, Feb. 6 – Inara Pey has added a profile of Ebbe Altberg on her blog. She calls it “A Short Profile” but it is the most extensive article on his background I have seen thus far.

Some analysis and commentary, including my own…

Honour McMillan – Dear Mr. Altberg, Welcome to Second Life

Ciaran Laval – Ebbe Altberg: What We’ve Learned So Far

Danko Whitfield – The New Guy

The new CEO has been very active in tweeting with the SL Community – Ebbe Altberg on Twitter


Here’s some of the coverage of Wednesday’s announcement…

Inara Pey – Ebbe Altberg Joins Linden Lab as CEO

Jo Yardley – Ebbe Altberg New CEO of Linden Lab

Daniel Voyager – Ebbe Altberg New CEO of Linden Lab

Ziki Questi – Ebbe Altberg named CEO of Linden Lab

SL Newser – Linden Lab Appoints Ebbe Altberg as CEO

Ciaran Laval – New CEO Fallout: SecondLie Retires from Twitter But @RebbeAltberg is Born 


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