New Meta City – Updated

New Meta City has been updated to version 2.0 which is now installed on Kitely.

If you’d like to visit, the HG address is: Meta City

info about the build is on the World Page on Kitely’s website:

If you are using or would like to use the OAR, here’s the deal on the changes…

I am using the buildings in another project and it was necessary to cut down the prim count to do so. The new buildings are only slightly different in design. The skywalks have been modified slightly as well.

The new prim count is 10,819 – a saving of 3874 from the original version’s 14,693. This was not an attempt to deprim as much as possible. I could have cut another 800 prims or so with one more design change to the buildings but I had already surpassed my goal of bringing the build in under 11,000 prims so I didn’t bother to go further.

The new OAR will be made available on OpenSim Creations soon. I will post the link when it is.

New Meta City on Kitely

New Meta City on Kitely

Danko’s Worlds

Yesterday I posted a new page here with links and info about the virtual worlds I made or host or live in, the places I’m connected with and that my writing is connected with. I called it Danko’s Worlds.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

But with the Metaverse getting bigger every day and my own places and writing growing as well, one page about my worlds wasn’t enough. I had to start a whole new site!

Danko’s Worlds