More Dankoville Coverage

As you know, the Metaverse is abuzz about the new virtual world, Dankoville. But don’t settle for second-hand sources, get all your Dankoville news here at the official shill, err, site…for Dankoville, Danko Whitfield Publishing, a division of Danko Virtual Enterprises, which of course is headquartered in Dankoville, a mere coincidence, I assure you.

Here is today’s allotment of official news from Dankoville,

– The official repository of photographs of Dankoville is now open to the public via flckr.

– Danko Whitfield has finally posted the news of the establishment of Dankoville on his blog, Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse.

Stay tuned to this channel for regular updates.

UPDATE Sept 30 – Here’s a rundown of the 16 regions on Dankoville, from the Dankoville Blog


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