Looking For An Older Male (Avatar)

Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse

Used to do my own research mostly but hey, what’s the use of having friends and contacts if you can’t’ badger them every time you need to know something, amirite?

So, are there better older avatars in OpenSim for gents these days? Asking for a friend, of course. I’m thinking one that looks like about 64 or so. Why 64, you ask? Well, mind you’re own damned business, would you? I’m asking a question here, can a person get some help? Now yes, of course, I’ll be checking Kitely Market but guidance is helpful there too, Probably been three years since I was there, I has me some Kitely$ or whatever they are called, I don’t remember! I do have an older av in a Danko inventory, I’ll have to find him. I liked him but wasn’t sure if he quite “fit.” He looked a little too much like Charlton…

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