Devokan Storytellers Gather Sunday On Kitely

Calling All Storytellers, StoryBuilders, Writers and RolePlayers!!!

The monthly gathering of the Devokan Storytellers group takes place Sunday, 10 August 2014 at 15:00 UTC in the world of Devokan on Kitely grid …4p UK…11a US ET…8a US PT

The purpose of the gathering is to give RP storytellers, storybuilders and writers inspired by the Myst/Uru genre a place to share ideas, news, information, gossip, tea, biscuits, thoughts on issues of interest or concern and possibly even to inspire collaboration. We gather on the second Sunday of each month.

New and potential members and the simply curious are most welcome. Attendance is free, thanks to our gracious host, Paislee Myrtle.

See you there!

For more information about the Devokan Trust:


Notes from our past Gatherings are located here on my other site, on the Devokan Storytellers page:


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