I couldn’t buy a drink in that town for the rest of the week!

“Grandfather shook my hand with both of his. “Welcome home, Danko,” he paused and I could see his emotions were on the verge of taking over. “Your parents just brought you here a few weeks ago, you were just a boy. They were so happy,” he held back the tears. I knew then that he knew, from his own time travels, of my parents’ fate. It appeared the others did not know. I gave Grandfather a hug.”

“Danko in Dankoville”

from my RP blog, Steaming Along


Random Thought, #12,343,672

When I was young — I was smart, quick and interesting.

Now that I’m in the middle — I’m smarter, slower and still interesting…although the young and quick are not always smart enough to realize it.

But they will be eventually.

– Danko Whitfield